• Modern Greek Studies

    Modern Greek Studies

    The teaching of Modern Greek language and literature at Harvard dates back to 1828.

Modern Greek Studies at Harvard

The Program of Modern Greek Studies at Harvard, part of the Department of the Classics, is the oldest program of its kind in the United States. The Program has offered both undergraduate and graduate level electives since 1978, and has since added Citation in Modern Greek, as well as courses leading to a Bachelors degree in Modern Greek (special and joint concentrations). In 1987, we became the first program in the United States to grant a doctorate in this field. We also offer courses to the general public through the Extension School. 

Resources and Facilities

Students and researchers at the Program of Modern Greek Studies at Harvard have access to exceptional facilities. In addition to Harvard’s broad and vibrant academic community, students can benefit from the university’s Modern Greek Collection as well as a wide range of rare Collections in Oral Literature and Folklore Studies, which were created and organized by distinguished Harvard scholars such as F.J. Child, G.L. Kittredge, James Notopoulos, Cedric Whitman, Milman Parry, and Albert B. Lord.

Harvard Modern Greek Lectures